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Here at Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems, we have been called on through thirteen years of business to help hundreds of companies with their specific containment needs. Fabri-Lock has provided solutions to these companies by utilizing our creativity, experience, and the versatility of the Fabri-Lock System. The unmatched flexibility allows for limitless possibilities in most situations.

In thirteen years, we have designed and installed traditional draft curtains, as well as removable, drop-down and adjustable systems that are state of the art in the field of containment. We have provided solutions to companies looking to contain not just smoke but everything from battery fumes to dust. The Fabri-Lock System provides a very quick, adaptable, and cost-effective solution. We have been able to save our clients thousands of dollars by using the Fabri-Lock System instead of building traditional block or sheetrock walls to separate or contain specific areas. Facility owners decide to utilize Fabri-Lock because the system can be installed without interrupting normal operations.

Fabri-Lock is a customizable system and provides advantages that cannot be matched by rigid sheet metal or drywall, this has proven invaluable for our clients. Owners, who have facilities with large, unobstructed floor space, can increase egress distance with Fabri-Lock. When needing an area or piece of equipment enclosed to prevent the spread of smoke, heat, vapors, dust, or fumes many companies choose to utilize Fabri-Lock.

No matter what the situation, contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss the specific application and pinpoint exactly what needs to be achieved. From this discussion, we can offer suggestions and solutions that will provide an answer. We can literally contain any size area, under most any condition with the Fabri-Lock System. Due to the fact that Fabri-Lock fabric has zero air permeability, it can and has been used in a variety of different ways.

Some of the specialized areas that we have helped our clients with include:

  • Specialized Smoke Containment
  • Draftstopping
  • Heat Banking and Trapping
  • Fume Containment
  • Odor Control
  • Resin Fume Containment
  • Smog & Haze Containment
  • Battery Fume Control

If you have a special need for a customer or if you are a facility owner, please give us a call and let us provide a solution! By providing and installing the system, we offer a true turn key system!

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