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The fabric makes the difference. It's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and mildew resistant. As it locks-in smoke and toxic fumes, it won't ignite, melt, drip or burn. It won't rot, shrink or stretch. FabriLock is more versatile than metal or dry wall because it can be customized to match any building interior, be imprinted with a company's name, or with specific department designations on it. FabriLock's fabric can be cut neatly to fit around all electrical conduit, sprinkler systems etc., and it's easy to keep clean. Exceeding all current codes and standards of flammability. FabriLock is the only smoke curtain with the fabric advantage.

Fabric from steel beam/girder



Tubing Clip
The FabriLock Frame    
  The FabriLock Frame is constructed with a 1/2 inch electrical metallic tubing. The tube is continuous at the top and bottom of the curtain board with verticals at 10'-0" intervals for stabilization and for fabric tautness. Set screw tees connect the frame and help align and lock the smoke curtain securely.  
Typical Clip Connection
The FabriLock Fasteners    

The FabriLock Fasteners help create a fast and effective means of support. Composed of tempered spring steel, they are driven onto the supporting structure. Steel teeth are pressed into the member and are virtually unremovable. The tubing at the top of the smoke curtain is snapped into the fastener, supporting the smoke curtain at either 24" or 36" o.c., depending on the necessary conditions.

Purlin/Rod Clip

  It's easy to repair our FabriLock curtain boards compared to the lengthy and costly process of replacing metal. With FabriLock, you simply unscrew either end of the 10 ft. section of tubing, slide the tube out and replace it. But to repair just one 3 ft. section of a metal curtain board, one has to remove the damaged trim angles at the bottom and at the mid-spans, remove the self-drilling fasteners from the trim angles and from the top panel, then replace and re-paint the panel and trim angles. Whew! That's a lot of work and an expense you can do without  
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