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Droplock System


Designed to work exclusively with our FabriLock System, consists of 24 gauge alloy 600 lock wire that holds the curtain board gates in the upright position. The wire is held together with a heat activated, fusible link that triggers the gates to swing downward in the event of a fire. Then, DropLock's locking hinges secure the gates in the vertical position. This locking mechanism prevents the gates from swinging back and forth during a backdraft situation or from other air movement in the building. Special gaskets on either side of the gate form a smoke-tight seal when it is activated into the down position. The DropLock framework consists of 1/2" EMT conduit and machined steel tees and ells for reliable durability. Covered with the patented FabriLock fabric, this customized system carries the same One Year Limited Warranty on all DropLock materials and workmanship provided by Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems.



DropLock System
The Draftstop System    
  FabriLock's versatility also works in draft containment by forming cell-like areas between the acoustical ceiling and the roof deck. The integrity of FabriLock's draft stopping system is maintained by sealing penetrations with fabric tape and by sewing a gasket on the bottom of the draft curtains. FabriLock is also used for draftstops that are required in plenum and floor spaces formed of combustible construction.  
Draftstop System
Prevent Deadly Flashovers with FabriLock

Flashover can occur under the following conditions:

  • During a building fire, as the temperature rises, radiation from hot gases will ignite all of the combustible contents.

  • When all surfaces and objects in an area are heated to their ignition temperature,then all the contents and combustible surfaces will ignite at once.

  • When the ceiling and upper walls in a room have been heated by a fire, radiation feedback (re-radiation) will take place. This gradually heats the smoke, the fire gases, and the contents in the room. At this time, all combustibles in the area become heated to their ignition temperature, and sudden, simultaneous ignition or flashover of the entire room will occur.

The FabriLock system, in conjunction with smoke and heat vents, helps prevent flashover from occurring by trapping the heat and fire gases into containment areas, thereby activating the smoke and heat vents. This allows for the removal of deadly toxic fumes, smoke, and flammable gases, and reduces the heat in the structure. Where sprinkler systems address the firee. The FabriLock system addresses the dangers of flashover.

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