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Aircraft Hangars

The FabriLock Smoke Containment System is the perfect solution for aircraft hangars requiring draft curtains. Companies, organizations, and The United States Military have utilized FabriLock all over the country. These groups include The US Army, The US Air Force, The US Navy, The Air National Guard, Boeing Aircraft, Lockheed Martin, Lowe’s, Hendrick Motor Sports, and SAS Software just to name a few.

Some of the reasons that FabriLock is utilized include:

  • The system is very lightweight and does not add any significant load to the existing structure, which makes it ideal for restorations and renovations!

  • The FabriLock system is customized for each project. The draft curtain requirements in each hangar are different and usually mandate that the draft curtain depth is a percentage of the actual deck height. FabriLock will be customized to meet that requirement exactly.

  • FabriLock can be installed in any facility regardless of the type of building. A-Frame roofs, Sloped roofs, and even arched roofs have all been tackled by Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems without a problem. There is no depth curtain or situation where FabriLock cannot be utilized.

  • The FabriLock system allows light to pass through. This prevents huge and harsh shadows from being cast across the hangar. The beautiful white color also accents the lighting system, instead of blocking it.

  • The installation of the FabriLock system takes place AFTER all utilities, mechanicals and sprinklers are in place. We are typically the last contractor on the project. We cut around and reseal the penetrations around all utilities. This means that the General Contractor does not have to wait for the draft curtains to be put in place before other trade can begin their work. We keep your project on schedule! There are also no additional charges from other trades to penetrate a rigid curtain, thus slowing them down.

  • The installation does not require any welding. Smoke and Fire Prevention utilizes the existing structure instead of adding additional steel. It also does not involve hoisting huge heave panels sometimes 80’ – 100’ in the air, thus reducing the possibility of injury.

  • The FabriLock system does not require any additional painting. All touch up painting and components are painted by Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems, creating an aesthetically pleasing, completely white draft curtain system.

  • The FabriLock system is the most cost-effective and efficient way to satisfy draft curtain requirements. It is a better system, installed quicker by smoke containment professionals.

FabriLock is provided and installed by the professionals at Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems, so it is a true turn-key solution. We start by helping and reviewing the design and layout of the draft curtain system. With 13 years of experience in the highly specialized field of smoke containment, we are able to offer suggestions and installation recommendations to maximize space and minimize the amount of draft curtain needed, while still meeting or exceeding all applicable building codes. This has proven to be a valuable resource to many of our clients. After the design and layout are finalized, Smoke & Fire Prevention takes the available drawings and provided information and supplies a set of detailed approval drawings for each and every project. The Chief Draftsman will provide these drawings via UPS or E-mail and are provided in AutoCAD format. Once the drawings are approved, Smoke & Fire Prevention will work with you to identify an installation date. Once installed, the system is covered by a one-year warranty.

Why try and manipulate another building material into draft curtains? Why try and use a sheet metal contractor who has no draft curtain experience? Why work with someone who has no idea what a draft curtain is or why they are installing it? On your next hangar project, give us a call. We can provide pricing for any project in any location. The clients and contractors that we work with will not even consider using anything other than FabriLock for their draft curtain needs and once you work with us, you will see why!

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