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Message from the President

“FabriLock Smoke Containment System-Woven, fiberglass technology that is versatile, easy to install, and cost effective.”

For years, we at Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems, have worked with Architects, Contractors, Fire Code Officials, Company Owners, and Insurance Agents to develop a better smoke containment system that helps protect lives and property. We listened to your frustrations and problems of adhering to code, and sought to meet the challenge for a better solution—the FabriLock Smoke Containment System. Its woven, fiberglass technology is versatile, easy to install, and cost effective. With color and printing capabilities, it opens up unique design opportunities while it illuminates a structure's interior. It is just a better looking product.

FabriLock is great for meeting tight deadlines because it can be installed during the punch list. Lightweight and flexible, FabriLock is also ideal for installations in existing buildings. And it saves you money because it is less labor intensive and is inexpensive to maintain. Our unique, patented design, locks-in smoke and toxic fumes while exceeding all current codes and standards for flammability. Finally, a no hassle smoke curtain board that makes it easy to meet code.


Ted Ward, President

Smoke & Fire Prevention Systems
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